Grubs aren’t the only insect that can cause damage and annoyance. With our seasonal lawn pest control program you also get control and prevention of mole crickets, army worms, fleas, ants and other targeted lawn pests. Grub only control options also available.

Lawn Pest Control

Have you noticed an increase in moles in your yard?  Did you know they feed on insects below the surface?  Not only does our pest control program eliminate the bugs from your yard, it can also decrease other unwanted guests.

Lawn pest control is easily added to your existing lawn fertilization and weed control programs.

Want to make the most of your outdoor areas?  Increase their usability by eliminating meussance insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and flies.  Our sister company, Mosquito Authority, give you a mosquito free yard – guaranteed.  All of our pest control programs are applied in such a way as to have no effect on beneficial pollinators.