Lawn Services and Pricing

Our lawn fertilization, weed control and pest services come with our no contract promise. Clients may start services at any time during the season, but the best results are seen with a full lawn service season.


We utilize professional grade fertilizers applied at just the right amount and time. Lawn fertilization not only makes for a beautiful, green turf – a lush lawn is one of the best ways to prevent weeds. Our fertilizers are granular, allowing for a safe release of product to promote health and prevent burns.

Weed Control

From pre-emergence to post breakthrough control, we fight the weeds in a targeted method. Turf Jockey analyzes the types of weeds and unwanted grasses in your lawn, applies control products and monitors all season long. We utilize both broad and spot application methods.

Lawn Pests

Grubs aren’t the only insect that can cause damage and annoyance. With our season long program you also get control and prevention of mole crickets, army worms, fleas, ants and other targeted lawn pests. Grub only control options also available.

Mosquito, Tick & Fly

Enjoy your yard mosquito free with the Mosquito Authority Guarantee. Services are performed every 3 weeks by our sister company – Mosquito Authority. Tick and Fly services are also available. Traditional and All-Natural Options.


Base pricing outlined below is based on the initial 5,000 sqf of lawn area. We calculate on the actual treated area, not the lot size. Additional area is calculated per 1,000 sqf.

Weed and Feed Lawn Service

Full Season


Lawn Insect Control

Full Season


mosquito tick and fly lawn service

Full Season

Save 10%

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